What Is WD Holding

WD Holding is the abbreviation of World Dimensions Holding. WD Holding was formed in 2005 in Armenia


Some historical facts

WD Holding founded a number of companies...

WD Holding founded a number of companies. Those are the following:
Company “Wood processing” which was founded in 2000 to deal with wood processing industry. It was the unique production in Armenia manufacturing and processing high quality wood. The abrupt growth of the demand for the mentioned product was the wonderful evidence of its high quality.
Small Hydro Power Plant “Kayur HEK” LLC which was founded in 2011 to produce electricity. The first production was launched in 2014.
Production of “Gas discharge Lamp Supply sources” which was founded in 2005. In Armenia, similar innovation of scientific-research field was being introduced for the first time. In 2005, the company obtained permission SRA 39152006, 4160-2005 of technical conditions to produce gas discharge lamp supply sources. Afterwards, for the first time in Armenia, the production of those sources was launched. The product was represented and granted as high quality product in some lighting construction projects built for 2014 Olympic games in Sochi.
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